Meet Trent

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Trent Nielsen is a fun loving, wild and crazy guy who lives his crazy life, with his crazy love of his life and 6 teenage boys in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Trent spent 17 years running a multi-million dollar office for a supplemental insurance company.    Trent specializes in the art of recruiting, the secrets to selling and the ultimate skills of time-management as well as taking any situation in life…. from surviving to THRIVING!!!  About 5 years ago Trent’s residual income allowed him to retire and stay home with his boys, teaching them everything and anything about fixing up cars, which has now become the children’s fast and furious passion. Trent’s goal was to teach them about ‘Life’ and how to enjoy it once again rather than worrying about the fighting, bad communication and everything else that comes with divorced parents! Mission accomplished, these kids are now hilarious walking youtube videos with a passion for life and 24/7 smiling faces!

Trent now works the professional speaking circuit with his crazy lover motivating audiences around the world to “Shift the Drip”  and “Transform” so they can enjoy life to the fullest.  When Trent’s not speaking with her, Trent is a Hobbyist Real Estate Investor and loves nothing better than finding that diamond in the rough and restoring it to its full glory for another family to enjoy.   He also loves the thrill of helping others sell their home and is a mad genius as a Realtor.   Trent recently succeeded in the most difficult thing in his life.  He completed the challenge of surviving with virtually nothing for 21 days in the Jungle of Belize.  When asked why he wanted to go on Discovery Channel’s Naked & Afraid, he said, “It’s a challenge I hadn’t accomplished yet!  It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and I loved ‘almost’ every single memory of it!”

Trent is the ultimate story teller and weaves his tales in with his professional recruiting techniques, selling secrets, time-management skills and how to not only survive your life…… how to really THRIVE in life.  He will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing and cheering…… and most likely believing in Big Foot before the day is done.

“Hey!  Not everyone can say they touched Big Foot!” – Trent Nielsen


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