Our Mission at Redefining Joy is to empower women who are searching for more purpose to find the Wonder Woman within. This adventure begins through a joy-filled journey of self discovery at every level with newsletters, blogs, workshops, and retreats.

Vision Statement:   To create a world where every woman knows her worth so she can live a more purposeful and JOY filled life.

One thought on “Home

  1. Sheri has taught me so much about becoming a little more sincere, loving not only myself but all I come across. She is a wonderful teacher. When I met her I was in a very dark place in life….she helped me push through those obstacles and taught me that one of the biggest obstacles we face is our own self talk. Thank you Sheri for helping me awaken my senses, show me that love is not just shared between two people but shared amongst ALL people. Thank you for your loving and inspirational light!


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