Mission Statement…..

Hi friends and fellow adventurers!  I am Sheri Joi, I am the owner and founder of Redefining Joy.  I empower women and business professionals to live the life of their dreams.  I am a motivational speaker and trainer as well as a Vision Coach and a cheerleader for YOUR soul!

Our mission at Redefining Joy is to partner with you in uncovering, discovering and celebrating the passions that give your life meaning and purpose.  After this journey of discovery, we take you one step further and put together an action plan to make these dreams…. YOUR reality.

Would you like to live a more purpose filled life?  Would you like to incorporate your soul’s vision in the work you offer to the world?   Would you like to wake up each morning feeling the excitement of a life of adventure?

Invite our team to take you on this adventure of a lifetime.  We will show you just how you can discover this excitement within yourself.  We put together the roadmap for you to be able to share your JOY, which is unique to you, with the world by infusing your JOY into the work you do.  Today is the day for you!!  Today is the day you take the first step in creating YOUR vision…. This journey of a thousand steps begins today with just one step…. Are you ready to redefine the way you do life?  Are you ready to invite more joy and happiness into your life?  Are you ready to step into your life filled with adventure and more excitement in everything you do??  No longer does the “work you do” need to be different than your “greatest adventure in life.”   If you are ready to embark on your very own Hero’s Journey, we’re ready to share these secrets with you and so much more…….


Vision Statement……

Our vision at Redefining Joy is that every person who feels the call to a life of adventure and purpose, finds the keys to unlock the secret power within themselves to experience the magic available to everyone on their very own hero’s journey.

What does that look like?  Give us a call and we’ll launch you into your very own adventure!


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