What are people saying?

“Sheri is  great at asking the right questions and going the extra mile to make her clients happy.”

-Zeke, Self Proclaimed Serial Entrepreneur

“Thank you so much for this message, I am excited to do this over the weekend.  Everything you have taught me through your God given talents and purpose has transformed me.  I am excited to keep growing now that I have cracked open the shell I have been living in for so long.” 

-Heather, Creator of Dreams come True

“It was an amazing exercise, very mind opening. I wonder if you feel a little sneaky sometimes, in a good way, because you know exactly what an exercise is going to do to someone and I imagine it makes you smile. When I did it I had an “ah ha” moment.  I got it. Thank you.”

-Cindy, Rockstar Leader in My Own Style


“Sheri Joi’s love and guidance helped me have the courage to let go of the past and embrace the light of a beautiful today with healing hope for the future. She helped me to more fully “see” myself as beautifully, wonderfully, uniquely me! That I have been blessed with the ability to create good and attract the best things into my life! She serves with gentleness and unconditional love!”

-Candace, Joyfully Living in Light and Love

“Sheri Joi is a wonderful, brilliant woman!  She helped me shed many of my long-held negative beliefs about myself, my ability to care for my family, and my life.  She helped me see the good in me and my future; to believe and hope that the best IS coming.  Her love and encouragement got me through a very dark time in my life.  Her warmth and caring are evident in every interaction I’ve had with her.  She brings light and JOI to all, and help to change for the best for those who want it.”

-Elona , Mother of 4 amazing, challenging sons, and dōTERRA wellness advocate

“Sheri Joi has helped me to put the most important pieces together so that I am creating from my heart and making meaningful progress in the world. Her wonderful guidance has helped me prioritize and incorporate more inspiration into my routine and creating the life of my dreams feels effortless and natural. I know throughout my whole being I am on a beautiful path to create soulmate love and familylife~complementing fulfilling work. Thank you Sheri Joi…you are an incredible inspiration.”

-Laia, Ambassador for World Change

“Sheri Joi is a mastermind architect of the soul’s dance. She invites and joyfully extends her grace toward our beautiful possibilities. And we are better for having known her. She is my dancer and I appreciate her presence in my life.” 

-LeeAnn Taylor, thankful butterfly

“If you are brave enough, tough enough, smart enough to choose to work with Sheri Joi, just know that your life will never be the same.  She showed me the way out of standing in fear, paralyzed, and how to step into this life with both feet! A strong but never overbearing life coach, who knows when to push , nudge, help me through my stuff.  I have learned to tune in to my own strengths and inner voice….and what a beautiful difference it has made in my life. More confidence, happiness, direction, and less worrying. Thank you Sheri Joi”

With Happiness,

-Vetta,  Dances to a Different Drummer

“Sheri Joi has changed my life in a remarkable amount of time!!! In helping me see the negative attributes that I was hanging onto, she assisted in making me aware of processes to letting go easily instead of fighting to try so hard. It has dramatically changed my attitude in life, financial situation, business and personal relationships!!!! And best of all, rekindle the relationship with myself and pulling all the strengths back out of my core!!! Looking forward to continuing down the life that I was created for knowing the skills she has helped me set fourth!!!”

-Marsha B. – Positive Princess

“Sheri has the ability to connect to people and uplift them. I loved working with her because she always made what we did feel a joy.  Sheri brings joy and passion to everything she touches. She has a love and zest for life and her desire to live it to its fullest shows in everything she says and does. She has the ability through her own life struggles to relate to people from all walks of life.”

-Daryl, Visionary of the Divine

I am LOVING this journey!!! I didn’t realize how DEAD I was inside.. I put everyone before me and give of myself so much I had almost forgotten who I was and all of the wonderful things about myself that make me, me!!! I had kind of in a way given up on life for myself ,forgot who I was ,what made me happy and everything you made me realize were gone.  I had slowly slipped far from the life I have had been living.. Before I met you, I felt like this was a horrible roller coaster ride of life and it was going so fast and it never stopped that I had no choice but to hang on until life was over or to actually jump ship so it would stop. You see I had forgotten how to smile, breath, be me and realize that on this roller coaster of life I actually have the controls.. You have been a Blessing to me and this journey has been a priceless gift I will never forget. Those 60,000 thoughts we process each day have taken a major shift in such a short time working with you.  I can’t believe this journey could possibly get any better than it currently is and we are only half way through the program. Most of all I can’t believe I even let myself think that negative way for even a second. That’s not who I am. It’s amazing to watch this unfold. I think I should INVEST in Kleenex. You see that roller coaster ride I had been on didn’t allow me to feel any emotions there was no time for that something or someone else always needed my attention in some shape or form and then you came along. I couldn’t be happier and once again I feel like I can breath, walk outside my home and actually smell life,drive the car with my windows down and enjoy the red light and see it as a Blessing from Above to take time to sing along with the kids in the car instead of freaking out because we might be late. I cry every time I think of how emotionally dead I had become, how unhappy I truly was, how Dark my World and Thoughts had become but most how I NEVER NOTICED. There is not enough paper or time to explain or tell you what a difference you have made in my life but if I had only one chance this is what I would tell you…. THANK YOU for being Like JESUS and BREATHING LIFE back into my DRY BONES… You are truly amazing. I look forward for tomorrow’s affirmation and continued journey!!!

Signed, Deborah Numb no Longer

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