Stepping into 2016 with a clear intention, specific goals and a powerful resolution…. and a plan to make it happen!

How do you create your goals and resolutions for the New Year?  Do you take the list that hangs on the fridge from last year and cross out the year, then add a new date?

What if you could make setting your goals and resolutions a magical ceremony of intention that you step into this year?  How would you like to make peace, claim victories, and breathe life into your possibilities? Declare your potential, then put the action plan into place to MAKE ALL THAT HAPPEN???  

If you are ready to set goals and resolutions a little differently this year, then this one day workshop is for you.  

Sheri Joi has spent 20 years in the mortgage industry and most recently has spent the last 5 years intensely studying and training successful entrepreneurs, solopreneurs (one man businesses) and sales/commissioned professionals that have to create their own motivation and systems for their own success. Sheri has found that success starts within, with a clear intention, clarity for passion, and a plan for action.  

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover the specific purpose, passion and direction you want to take this year
  • Define your habits, strengths and blessings that will assist you in accomplishing your goals
  • Uncover the unconscious ways you sabotage yourself in your success and set up triggers for yourself to get back on track when you feel derailed
  • Create a timeline for specific action steps to accomplish your goals for this year

Would you like a slice of that pie??? No matter what your goals are… I have a formula we will run your goals through to see if you will actually accomplish them in 2016…. how about that????

January 9th  – 10AM to 5PM

January 10th – 10 AM to 5PM

(Location will be at my office in Sugarhouse…. Salt Lake City, UT…sign up for details!)

$25 per person if you sign up before the 6th of January. If you sign up with a friend before the 6th of January you can both sign up for $20 each!

$35 per person after the 6th.

Space is limited, therefore there are 2 workshops available.  Please note that the workshop lasts one day, so it will be the exact same workshop on the 9th and the 10th.  



Ready to sign up?  Click on the Contact us tab and email your information to us and we’ll be in contact soon!  Don’t wait…. this will fill up fast!

sherijoi1972 at gmail dot com for questions or more details


Recently, Trent Nielsen was featured on an episode of Discovery Channel’s hit series, Naked and Afraid.  This show is an extreme survival situation and Trent overcame many fears while being broken down to his core and survived 21 days with little more than a machete and fire starter to become the shows longest solo survival situation.

Trent is native to Utah and lives in SLC.  Trent is sharing his story and some of the behind the scenes survival stories with audiences all over.

We want to book Trent for your next event.  He is great entertainment as a keynote speaker or inspiring for a casual lunch time meeting where employees could come, bring their lunch and listen to stories as well as be inspired to face their fears in life and truly succeed.

If you would like to see a little more about Trent you can visit his Adventure Page on Facebook or check out his bio and other interviews on the Discovery Channel’s website.


I am currently booking Trent’s 2016 speaking events for keynote speaking, workshops and trainings but we have opened up Trent’s schedule for some lunch appointment availability immediately for November and December.  These events have been a lot of fun for people.   This is also a great way to introduce Trent to your team in a FANTASTIC storytelling atmosphere and book him for a leadership/sales training in 2016.

We’d love to add you and your team to his schedule.  Trent will customize his presentation to any struggles you may be having within your organization and give your team the motivation to work together to succeed.


You can email me at or call me at 503-380-1156.


Thank you for your time.  We look forward to booking you soon

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