Have you been through all the traditional trainings?   Read all the leadership books?   Applied the “7 Habits” in your business to reach the incredible level you are at today and now you are ready for more??

If you are ready to take your company, your team, your relationships, your leadership,  YOURSELF and/or anything else to the next level, IT’S TIME TO SHIFT THE DRIP and REDEFINE YOUR JOY

Trent and Sheri are a dynamic team of trainers that will have you on the edge of your seats wondering what will happen next.  A combination of 17 years running a multi million dollar office in the supplemental insurance business and 15 years in the wild and crazy mortgage world gives YOU, 30+ years experience that will rock your socks off!

Sheri Joi brings 15 years of corporate America marketing, sales, leadership and more to a high energy, face paced training that will have you walking a new walk, talking a new talk and singing a new tune.  Trent brings his 17 years of experience at a multi-million dollar recruiting, training and time tested sales techniques along his amazing experience in 2015 on the Discovery Channel’s best rated reality show, Naked and Afraid, where he used extreme survival techniques to not only survive in the wilds of the Belize Jumgle but to THRIVE!  Trent relates this experience and shows you how to move your business or your life to the next level of THRIVE!

Trent and Sheri are the most dynamic team of trainers you will ever hire!   Sheri will take you on the ride of your life: uncovering, discovering and celebrating the passion within you.  Trent will remind you that life is an adventure and meant to be played at full speed.

Sheri has been shifting the drip with audiences for years.  Her clients describe their experience as a thrilling rollercoaster ride.

We are T – n – S ….. we are ready to rock your world.  Are you ready for us???  If you are ready to blast through that invisible wall that holds you at the level you’ve been playing at…. Now is the time to give us a call.

Past Workshops have included:

-Developing a Solid Team

-Relationship Retreat


-Taking it from surviving to THRIVING

-Stepping up your Leadership

-Corporate Leadership

-Authors, Speakers, Realtors, Entrepreneurs….. do what you love and make money doing it!

We are Trent and Sheri, Professional Speakers, Dynamic Trainers, Leadership/Sales Experts and all around really fun to hang out with!  (And Trent just happens to be the world’s best story teller…. “Not everyone can say they have touched Big Foot!”…. you are going to want to stick around for the after show to hear this one!)


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