Consider that the seeds you plant today become the fruit of tomorrow.
Consider that the good deeds you do today will return you blessings in the future.
Consider that the ill done to you in the past has shaped you into what you are now.
Consider that a terrible act done in April will lend an answer to what you seek in July.
Consider that you create everything for your higher good with your higher power.
Consider that if you step back and listen to the silence, you will see the mysteries unfold.

Consider that……
If you don’t like what you see… can change it!

-Sheri Joi (July 1st, 2009)


Choose To Be Free

Be Free

Though you are held in a prison of concrete walls
You are free if you choose to be

Though all your freedom’s are taken from you
You are free if you choose to be

Though you can not come and go as you please
You are free if you choose to be

The mind that runs untamed is bondage
You can be free if you choose to be

Being still is not as easy as it seems
Choosing to find this stillness, will set you free

Quiet the mind, still the voices, feel the aliveness within
You will know the truth and the truth will set you free

Though you are released from concrete walls
You are still bound if you can not find stillness

Find your stillness
You are free if you choose to be.

-Sheri Joi