The Women Of My Life, Karen Hutchinson Nielsen #24

A good mother in law is like hitting the lottery!!  

Trent and I had only been dating a short time when I flew into Utah and he picked me up.  He had four loud and wild boys in the back seats and announced we were going to have dinner with his parents.  I was a little nervous because I had just flown in and didn’t exactly feel on top of my game as I would have wanted to when meeting his mom and dad.  Little did I know, there was no need to be nervous at all.  I was welcomed with open arms and so much love from both of them.  Six months later, Trent’s dad became our guardian angel and his mom was heart broken.  

Karen Nielsen is a woman who made a huge impact on my life with her beautiful acceptance of me and all that I am.  I’m paying tribute to 50 women who have had an impact on my life and shaped the kind of woman I want to be and Mama Nielsen is on this list.

After Trent’s dad crossed over and became our guardian angel, I moved to Utah.  Trent and I had so much fun visiting mom for game nights, meeting for lunch dates and enjoying local holiday festivities together.   I also had a special connection with his mom and spent quite a bit of one on one time with her.  One of these times I had just attended a weekend retreat where we meditated, journaled, connected with our guides and learned amazing life skills.  During one of the meditations I was preparing to meet with my spirit guides.  Into my meditation walks Trent’s dad, he hugs me and then laughs, he tells me he’s not here as my guide, he just came to see what I was all about.  He also asked me to give his sweet Karen a message from him.  As soon as the retreat was over, I called mom and asked if I could come visit.  She said of course and I drove down to her place.  

Now mom and I didn’t share the same religious beliefs but she was always very respectful of what I believed and often asked about my retreats and studies.  What I was about to share was very special to me as Trent’s dad had trusted me to deliver this message of love but I was also a bit nervous because I was aware I may sound like a crazy person.  When I shared what had happened at my retreat with mom and the beautiful message from her sweet Boyd, she cried and hugged me for a long time.  We just sat with loving tears streaming down our cheeks hugging in a timeless bubble of other-worldly love.   She could feel my heart and I could feel hers.  From that moment on we had an incredible bond.  I asked her if it would be ok to call her mom and she told me it would be an honor for her.   She said she was thrilled to have me in the family.  

We often shared little sacred moments with each other.  I knew she could hear my heart when I shared these special moments and she was my biggest cheerleader in partnering with Trent to raise his four sons.  She always had encouraging words when I felt I was falling short in my role in Trent and the boys’ lives.  She loved going on adventures with Trent and I…. and we loved taking her on these adventures.   

After a series of events in February of 2019, Trent and I synchronistically had a chiropractic appointment in American Fork on the morning of Valentine’s Day.  I suggested we head down early and stop by mom’s house with a surprise Valentine’s Day gift.  Trent went along with my plan and we stopped by with a cute little present.  We chatted for a little bit and hugged and said our goodbyes.  I still remember her last words…. After we both said, “Love you mom.”  She took both of our shoulders, looked into our eyes deeply and said, “I sure do love both of you!”  And those were the last words we ever heard from her in this lifetime.  Later that day her heart stopped beating in this world as it was time for her to go find her eternal sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, in the next life.  What an incredible gift all three of us were given to spend those last precious moments on the day of love, expressing our love for each other. 

I truly feel blessed to have had a mother in law who I could call mom and who truly felt like my own mom.  Her love for me was unconditional and that made a huge impact on my life.  I think of her often and know that she watches over us.  Trent and I both knew she was visiting us quite a bit last year as we struggled through some tough times.  We both felt she was there to give us a little kick in the butt and remind us that love was always going to be the answer.  Mama Nielsen was an absolute inspiration in my life, she impacted my life in a huge way and because I knew her and because I was loved by her, I have been changed for good.  

This is my favorite picture of my Mama Nielsen, as a little cowgirl!

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