“How do you teach someone something that only experience can provide?” I grew up hearing this over and over from my wise father. In stepping back or rather looking at my human experiences from a spiritual eye, I am able see that all my choices have brought about the experiences in my life. As the Eagles so eloquently put it, “This could be heaven or this could be hell”. The experiences themselves are neither good nor bad, there is no such thing. The universe doesn’t place judgement on circumstances. Experiences just are….and it is up to us to choose how we will perceive and use those experiences in our life. To be able to objectively pull the essence out of any experience means we must take responsibility for that experience and realize that we brought it about. As long as your experiences are “happening to you” and not “happening as a result of you” then you will not be able to draw the amazing essence out of them. Being able to choose our experience is what BEING human is all about. When you realize you have this potential, you will have discovered an amazing SECRET. Once you have had an experience and are conscious of having that experience you can choose to continue it or let it drop away, just as the Eagles once again provide us with beautiful clarity “You can check in…but you can never leave”, your experiences are what shape you, they become a part of you and you can change that outcome any time you like but the experience will always be with you, whether it is heaven or hell is up to you!!!



Because there is dark, we are aware of the light. There can only be beauty because we judge ugliness. There can not be hate if there is not love. We are human and in our human-ness there is duality in all things, when we are able to see that in all things there must be an opposite then we have increased our conciousness but when we realize there is no duality, that opposites are really one and the same and that there is only one-ness…..then we have found peace.


Just for a moment let your heart focus on silence. Feel the air around you, feel the ground your feet are touching, can you feel your clothes touching your skin? Do you notice any smells or if the air is warm? cold? Listen. What do you hear? Is it the sound of silence. Have you ever stopped to think that silence is what creates the music? It is the silence in between the notes that makes the melody so sweet, without it there would be chaos and noise; we would tire of the sound, but silence, sweet silence makes it music. Just for a moment, feel your breath, marvel at the magnificence of our being and give outlandish thanks for being able to be in the NOW!