To be able to take a step back and realize we are blessed with amazing, simple, abundance is the gift we must be reminded to give to ourselves each day. Having genuine, over flowing gratitude for what you have right now is empowering yourself with the the present moment. There is no thought of what you are ‘wanting’ for happiness in the future and there is no thought of what you have ‘lost’ in the past that brings you sadness, there is only JOY in this moment. Let your whole being feel the excitement over what you have NOW, in this moment. Surround yourself with this love and give thanks for whatever is happening because you have created it. Never has there been another time in history when we can witness the amazing expansion of our minds. You can prove the law of attraction by looking at the traffic you experience each day. When the automobile was invented there were only a handful, the more people saw them and focused on ‘wanting’ them, the more they multiplied. Look at the abundance you witness when you walk into an electronics SUPER store. Recognize the plentiful choices at the pet store. We are able to manifest things even more rapidly now and time is only an illusion, if you can grasp this concept you will be tapping into a higher plane of consciousness….if you can only catch glimpses of this concept congratulate yourself, you may be moving past the logistical, ego centered part of our brain into a spiritual realm that will open you to more and more enlightenment. As you open to this territory you will find a simplicity in its complexity. Seek for simplicity and then be appreciative of the peace simplicity gives.

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