Today is Your Day!

“Today is your day!
YOU are what God is doing today.”
Like an artists’ canvas, He is painting a landscape He sees the entire picture and notices the river needs a little more movement, the distant mountains are almost right with their magnificent features and the shadows on the trees only need a few more brush strokes to feel their strength but today is the day for the flower. He knows the exact one He will be spending His day with. Today He will dance with the bloom in the meadow, near the pond. Today is the day especially reserved for YOU! Each thoughtful brush stroke pulls out more brilliance of the essence that glows from within the perfect blossom. His careful attention to each detail is eminent in His gentle and knowing touch. Each tender stroke has His masterpiece in mind.
You are His masterpiece and today is your day.
YOU are what God is doing today.

Inspired by Jules!
Written by Sheri Joi
March 26, 2009

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