"Don’t Die With Your Music Still Inside"

There is a song that must be sung
There is music only you can hear
Only you can live your purpose
Spread your wings and let the world hear the song of your heart

“Don’t die with your music still inside”, Sing the song of your heart
Enjoi this purpose, love the journey, no matter the weather
Don’t wait out the storm, dance in the rain
Give thanks you are guided to what is required

Go within to find your strength
Let passion be your guide
All will be provided, all that is required is already here
Show up and make it happen, it’s time to sing your song!

Peace and Love! Xoxo -Sheri Joi

In Africa, there is a tribe in which expectant mothers create a song-of-the-soul for their unborn children. Villagers sing this song to the baby at birth and at every important moment of his life–from his first step to his wedding day. The song is also sung when that person steps out of the integrity of his true self. Rather than be punished, the individual is brought back into harmony through the music of his soul. You, too, have a soul song that belongs only to you. Listen for it. Re-discover the harmony of your own life.
-Mary Manin Morrissey

Thank you and much love to Wayne Dyer who supplied the quote for this entry. Namaste my great teacher.

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