The Dark Knight

The air feels heavy and closes in slightly,
Nervous anticipation grips my insides even more tightly.

Shadow’s befall me all around;
Eve creeps in, the sun goes down.

Two steps ahead I’ve stayed his grip,
Persistence has pursued me on his evil trip.

The large black stallion gallops through the dark,
Loud heavy hoof beats I feel in my heart.

The beating goes silent as footsteps approach the door,
Two steps overtaken, The Dark Knight is in store.

The lights all dim, the candles all quiver,
The hardwoods go icy like a cold winter river.

The door swings open with the cutting wind of night,
A black hooded figure steps in through dim, hazy light.

Entry is his, at last The Dark Knight has arrived.
Exhaustion grips my small frame, anticipation tells me I’ll never survive.

Fists clenched tight and pulse running wild,
Sobs overtake me, I cry out as an abandoned child.

Wrestling for hours through terror and fears,
Surrender is mine, I let go of the tears.

A warm air floats in and blankets around me,
Feelings of hope and renewal melt into my being

Sunshine floods in, the new rising dawn,
Silence and stillness speak, a new cloak puts on.

The shadows begin to scurry astray,
Light is the answer to push darkness away.

The Dark Knight must leave when I enter the Light,
Ironic surrendering dis-spells the Dark Knight.

The fight only weakens the spirit within.
The surrender to peace empowers with love, the world to live in.

Turn not away from the love that is there in the Light,
The Light is what will carry you away from your own Dark Knight

He can only linger and play,
As long as you allow him to stay

We must remember to invite in the Light,
By surrendering to this we’ll dismiss all of the Dark Knights.

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