"Trop Rock Review!!"

I travelled to Seattle last weekend and experienced a fabulous concert. It was a “house concert”, which I had never experienced or even heard of and I loved it! Hugo Duarte was the performer, he sings what they call “Trop Rock” much like Jimmy Buffet. It was such a great experience. He walked around chatting with all of us and then sang for us with his best friend Emily as back up. Hugo is living on purpose and the passion overflows from his heart as he shares the songs in his soul.. His music spans all the emotions from the fiery hot Cajun song of passion about a woman in the south titled “Native Tongue” to the depths of his soul poured into “Hidden River”. His ballads about learning about love with a few scars brought tears to all our eyes and his “Modern Day Buccaneer” had us all on our feet dancing. His beautiful song about a son and his mother’s relationship and his song about a “Daddy” also brought rain from the heart once again for his entire audience. Hugo surprised many when he was asked what his all time favorite song was and he rendered a beautiful portrayal of Don Henley’s “Heart of the Matter”. Since the word “Forgiveness” has taken on such greater meaning for me, this was a beautiful tribute and we all felt an incredible spirit. Hugo! Thank you for sharing, connecting and bringing your music to this world. To borrow a phenomenal line from the latest Hollywood hit “Avatar” Hugo Duarte…..I See you!!!…………. and I feel your soul. Hugo is performing in Portland this evening and then again in Seattle on Friday and Saturday. Check his website for more info at http://www.hillbillybeach.com/ and click on the guitar. Thanks again for an amazing evening!

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