I Am You and You Are Me……

My Dearest Friends…….

I love you all and I don’t care if you are green, blue, purple or yellow, I don’t care if you have one eye, two eyes or three. I will not judge you if you live on the top of the hill or in the box at the bottom. You may decide to join the circus or become a prestigious lawyer, I will always love you. These things are not who you are and I know that who you are goes much further than the eye can see. You have a piece of my puzzle and I have a piece of yours, we are all connected in the great puzzle of this thing we call “Earth School”. The piece of puzzle I carry of yours may be big or small, square or round, jagged edges or smooth curvy sides and yours may come in all shapes and sizes too. It may come in the form of a gift or a smack to the face, all are pieces that join our lives together. Because you have come into my life, you are a friend, your footprints are on my heart and I love you for being exactly who you are. You may come as a noble friend that is here to teach me patience, forgiveness and unconditional love. You may come as a needy friend, in need of some of my light. I want you to know that you are my friend nonetheless and regardless of how I behave, I will live each day to better let you know that you are my friend. The light within me honors the light within you. When you are healed, I am healed, when I am healed you are healed. We are all one. So find JOY in the journey, spend time in wonder…it is the beginning of wisdom, see with your heart, be grateful for grace and know what love means. I am you and you are me. Forever Love, Sheri Joi

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