The struggle had raged on so long and though she implored her adversary for peace, she was repeatedly met with turmoil. Hurt masked her once beloved’s heart; anger and brutality were all she could find when she requested a fair and harmonious negotiation to end this struggle.
A battle was eminent; the freedom she sought would not be won without a war. Tears wet her eyes as she found herself on her knees yet again. Pleading for strength, wisdom and courage as well as the clarity to make the best choices; she begged for assistance. Stillness crept into her heart and calm fortitude washed through her being. With renewed faith, she rose from the floor.
“I may not win, but I will LIVE!” was her confident announcement!
Something larger than her had joined with her in this crusade. Warriors began to appear on her battle front, ready to wage whatever terror lay ahead. The clouds parted, the rain ceased, the sun shone on the freedom she would seek. A preview of the reward, she was given a slight peek. Diligence and virtue now garnished her sheath. The sword of truth, she did wield at her side. The shield of courage would gallantly cast off the slings and arrows of her enemy. One more uttered prayer, just under her breath, she lifted up before she charged in.
“Bless me dear Lord to fight a good fight but bless my enemy too, that peace may be ours before this day is through.”
Carefully she tucked this prayer into her heart and gripped the handle of her sword.
To win is to lose but in losing she gains freedom and re-discovers peace. Faith is built with each battle endured, even those surrendered. The end of the war is not as important as the spiritual strength being reborn.
It is done. Where there is great love, there are always miracles.

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