Bad Life Choice!

20151001_102204Last year I started getting this “crazy hair brained” idea to do something drastic with my hair.  I get this “itch” every few years and I find something new and extreme to do with my hair.  This time I started really setting my sights on the wildly adorable and sexy/sassy pixie cut.  I told my fabulous hair dresser about my idea and she did her best to talk me out of it.  She didn’t think I would like it.  I told Trent my idea and he was fully on board….he’s such an amazing support and voice of encouragement no matter what crazy idea I come up with.   So, at the first of October the big day arrived and I went into get my new “do” and color.   I watched with excited anticipation as my hair fell to the floor.  When she was finished I sat in horror.  What had I done????  There was no going back…. My hair was on the floor…. And to my hair stylists credit she had styled it with all the sass and sexiness that a pixie cut could be but I hated it…. Hated on me!!!  I looked in the mirror and didn’t know the person looking back at me, it was sooooo not my style….. BAD LIFE CHOICE!!!



As the days passed and I did my best to sass my hair up, I realized this was going to turn into a fantastic blog!  How many times do we talk ourselves out of something because it is too risky or we worry about what other people will think?  Sometimes we are so afraid to step out of our little circle of “normal” that the wildest chance we take is wearing a color we have never had in our closet…..and wahoo if you actually do this because it is a little uncomfortable… and that’s growth!!!  I started thinking about my haircut and just how symbolic it could be as an object lesson.  I had made a choice that I was excited about and I asked for input….. even with my hair stylist advising against it…. (The person I probably should have trusted on this one)  I made the choice to go ahead ….. risk it all…..all of my hair…. And try something new.  Well, it flopped…. As far as I was concerned at least….. everyone around me loved my new hair but I wasn’t LOVING it the way I usually love my hair.  So I was able to detach from my identification with my hair and realize that my hair doesn’t determine who I am ….  And that this “bad life choice” was just a matter of time until it worked itself out…. “This too shall pass” as they say.

So I rocked my lesbian “do” ….(there is NO offense here because most of my BEST friends are lesbians and I LOVE them and their hair…. It’s just not the style for this chica!)  I found some great styles to wear until I could grow my hair out to the style that I love….. and only 4 short months later I’m once again in LOVE with my sassy, sexy hair!! sheri biz card 2

The moral of this story is when you make a “bad life choice”…..

– Realize “this too shall pass”

– Rock your choice until it “grows” out

– Keep your focus on what you want and keep heading in that direction

– Be grateful you took a risk and now you know!

– Do what you want, take a chance and never live in ‘what if’

– There’s a blog in every experience in life….bwhahaha!!!!

I’m truly happy that I made the choice to go “pixie” and didn’t live in the “I wonder what it would look like on me” for the rest of my life.  Now I have a challenge for YOU for 2016!!!!  Find something that might be risky and take the leap!!!  I’d love to hear about your stories of “bad life choices” that you totally rocked until you grew past the awkward stage…OR ….. those “I took a chance and it TOTALLY worked out”  choices… whichever way it goes, it feels better to live life to the fullest with no regrets … you do know this blog was way deeper than just a hair cut for me,  right????  LOL…… just checking!!!



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