The Women In My Life, #8, My Neighbor, Heide Kraus

Your life is blessed when your neighbor becomes your friend.

I have always wanted to have the kind of neighbors you see in the movies that chat with you over the fence and become your great friends.  I am so lucky to finally have this neighbor!  Number eight on my list of the 50 women who have impacted my life is my neighbor and dear friend, Heide Krause.  Heide and Matt moved in next to us a couple years after we moved to Salt Lake City.  We chatted over the years and a wonderful friendship developed.  We love having them over for a night time chat around the fire pit or Sunday Brunch at their house complete with a Bloody Mary competition.  The guys like to hang in the garage or the man cave and we gals find something fun to entertain ourselves too.

When COVID hit and we all were quarantined to our home, Heide and I started doing some walks together every day, since she was working from home.  It was so nice to have someone to chat with other than the folks under my roof.  I was used to getting my dose of “outside energy” from coffee dates with friends or my Thursday support group.  As an extrovert, I know that I need this energy to keep me going.  When I could no longer go out to coffee or meet with my weekly support group, these walks with Heide were just what I needed…. And let’s be honest, so did the dog!

Heide and I are different in a lot of ways but what I love most about our relationship is that we admire and respect each other’s differences.  She’s a cat mom and I’m a dog mom…. This is just one of the differences.  It’s a small difference and one that doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things but it’s a great way to demonstrate our respect and admiration for each other.  Heide always talks to my dog when she’s out in the yard and I wave to her kitties when they are sitting in the window.  Just these little kindnesses are indicative of the respect and kindness we have for one another and our differences.

Heide is amazing at remembering birthdays.  (I am sadly, not as good as she is.)  This year she decorated the inside of our truck for my birthday.  She knew we would be loading up early and heading out on an adventure so she decorated it the night before.  It was so fun to open the door to a surprise party for ME!   Heide also gives the BEST gifts…. When she goes out of town and we take care of her kitties, she always brings me such a great thank you gift.   There is an art to being a fabulous gift giver and Heide is very talented in this arenat!

She’s the only Elf on the Shelf I allow in my life!

As neighbors, we have had lots of fun with holidays together.  We spent the 4th of July on her roof singing all the songs that celebrated America and then worked our way back to the 70’s music, as we watched the fireworks across the valley.  We’ve celebrated Christmas with Heide dressed as Elf on The Shelf…. I have to say, Heide is my favorite Elf on the Shelf as I find the real one, a little creepy.   We dressed up and threw ourselves a party for Halloween since there wasn’t going to be any going out last year.  The fun continues into summer with backyard BBQ’s back and forth between both or our backyards.  One of my favorite memories is a fundraiser motorcycle ride we all did together out to Wendover.  We had a blast together and danced all night at the fundraising concert in the parking lot.  I feel so blessed to have such a great neighbor and dear friend.

The best thing about Heide is her tender heart.  She cares about her friends, she cares about her neighbors, she cares about her co-workers and she takes excellent care of her mother and father.  

Heide and Matt…. Fundraising Motorcycle ride to Wendover!

Recently, as we were having some challenges in our family, Heide would text me to check in on how things were going.  She has a deep faith and she would ask who and what we needed prayers for.  I have felt her sweet love and prayers surround all of us as we walked through unknown territory.  She beautifully reminds me, in sweet little text messages, that I am a strong, confident woman and a hero to my family…. She seems to know just when I need a little reminder.   

There are so many things I admire about Heide and I’m so glad they decided to move in next door to us….. Despite their concern about how many cars were in our driveway and how much noise might happen with all those teenage boys (four teenage boys could scare anyone away).  So glad they took the chance and we have become such dear friends. 

I truly believe that it is important to surround yourself with people you admire and look up to ….. That is certainly the case with Heide.  Though we haven’t been friends long, she has definitely had a beautiful impact on my life.  I am so fortunate to have her right next door…. And because I know her…. I am changed for good. 

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