The Women In My Life #14, Audra Mortenson

My sister Audra does this thing where she just manifests what she wants.  From as far back as I can remember she’s been winning concert tickets and money off radio shows like it was picking apples off a tree.  I would ask, “How did you get that?” Her reply was always some crazy story about how someone gave it to her or she won it or happened upon it or it just showed up…. And it was JUST what she had been dreaming that she wanted.

This year I’m paying tribute to 50 women who have made an impact on my 50 years of living on this planet and my sister Audgey is definitely on this list!  Audra was my sister that loved to dress up with me.  She wanted to learn how to do her hair and her make up like me when we were young.  She is eight years younger than me and I just adored having her look up to me.  When she was just twelve, I think, my family moved to Oregon.  Audra wrote me a letter and told me all the kids at her new school called her “Barbie” and made fun of her hair.  She was wearing her hair just like me with the biggest bangs you could get with Rave 4 and those huge wings on the side created by a hair dryer and a few sprays of that magical Rave 4 again.  I guess Oregon just didn’t appreciate fashion.  I know she went through some rough times with some mean girls in Junior High and teasing but ultimately she ended up with some great gal pals through all of it.  When I moved up north to be closer to my family I loved hanging out with Audge and her friends, she would invite me to tag along with them on adventures and I just loved being the big sister, not only to her, but also to her friends.  I also taught Audge how to drive …. and that was scary!  But we had a lot of fun on the back roads of Oregon City….plenty of screaming AND laughing.  I may have taught her a think or two when she was young but it is her teaching and example that would completely shift the way I think about life.

After Audra graduated from college she started working at a very prestigious accounting firm as she had gotten her bachelor’s degree in accounting.  The firm wanted her to take her test and move into a more senior position.  She dug deep into her heart and did the bravest thing I had ever witnessed anyone in my life, to this point, do.  She knew this was not her path and she sold everything she owned and moved to Hawaii.  This was when there wasn’t any social media so it was a huge leap of faith of what she would find on her magical island.  She bought a one way ticket and took the leap.  She found a little room to rent off of Craigslist, bought a scooter and moved over to Maui with just her BIG faith and a dream.  She lived over there doing odd and end jobs that she loved for years.  She joked that she didn’t have time for a real job because there was so much exploring to be done.  Audra literally changed the way I thought about life by doing this.  In fact, she changed my whole family’s perspective of how to do life.  Up to this point we thought we were SUPPOSED to go to school, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids and there was a blueprint map for each next step.  Audge taught us ALL that life was to be enjoyed and that there was no one way that life was SUPPOSED to be lived.   Audra taught us all that life was to be loved while we lived it ….. EVERY DAY!  By taking such a leap of faith she showed us that we were to create our own destiny, Audra is one of the bravest women I know because of her ability to trust the process and faith that everything will work out the way she wants it to.

Audra has always had a huge faith in her Higher Power as well.  She completely trusts that what she wants will be manifested.  I have always admired her relationship with her Higher Power, she listens and hears what is best for her.  After her heart was broken in Hawaii, her prayers told her to move back to the mainland. Before she left the island, she took one more paddle board adventureout on the ocean and all her dolphin and whale friends came to say “Aloha”, which is Hello and Goodbye on the islands.  She told me this was the most magical experience she had ever had and she knew even though her heart was broken, she would heal and one day love again.  

Audge stopped in Oregon for a visit and stayed for a few months.  This was no coincidence as I needed her so much at the time she showed up.  Just having her company kept me from darkness that was threatening to swallow me at that time in my life.  I didn’t know what this darkness was, I’d never experienced it before and I wasn’t conscious it was happening to me but as I look back, it was Audge that kept me from slipping into that dark abyss at the beginning of the divorce I was going through.   She also gave me a peek into a dream that was being created in me that I didn’t even know was there.  We did a speaking gig together in Arizona about the power of our thoughts and my dream was born.

My favorite memory with Audge during the time she spent with me in Oregon, was one night we took scotch tape and taped our nose to our forehead so we looked like the Who’s from Whoville and we talked to each other like that all night. We made dinner, read together, whatever we did, we did it with our noses taped and just looking at each other cracked us up.  I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.  I just loved having her keep me company for the short time she was with me. 

Audra also began the journey that I call, My Journey to Joy, by going back to many of our childhood spaces and remembering who I was at that time in my life and what had brought me joy.  I had fallen so far off that path that my guardian angel Audge had to get me back up on it and walk a couple miles with me for me to remember there was a time in my life where I had known joy.

It wasn’t long before Audge manifested another dream for herself and she moved back to Utah. She has continued for the past decade to manifest her dreams and I have continued to watch in awe of the beautiful life she creates for herself.  Audge continues to have HUGE faith and I believe is closer now to her Higher Power than she has ever been.   I have always admired her amazing faith and I know that no matter what is thrown her way, even when it appears to be an unbearable storm….. She will bring the sunshine!  

Audge is an incredible mother.  She has created the most fun traditions with her kids.  In the last year, I have watched her grow herself from a princess into a queen.   She takes care of the people in her Queendom and is a benevolent queen.  I love watching all the twists and turns through her life….. Because every single one of them, she just does this thing where she manifests exactly what she wants.  There might be a time in between manifesting that she’s not quite clear of what she wants but then she drops to her knees in prayer,  pours out her soul, then listens, she becomes clear and is able to laser focus on what she wants to create in her life….. This is when she absolutely creates magic for herself and those around her.  She is absolutely magnificent! 

Last year she returned to her magical world of Hawaii and bought a magnificent home.  What a blessing she is to all who know her.  She invited us all over to experience what she has always known and told us about, The Aloha Spirit.  Her home and the wonderful plants, fruit trees and wild animals that visit this space are absolutely magical.  Thank you for showing me that anything is possible.  
Audgey has had such a huge impact on my life in trusting, in having more faith, in focusing on what I really want and showing me you can have the life of your dreams.  She taught me to be still and get clear on what it is that I want to create and then jump into action.  She taught me not to settle for a life that is not rewarding or one that comes from doing what you are supposed to do.  She has taught me by her example, how to manifest my dreams.  Because I know her…. Because she is my sister….. I have been changed for good.

Photo Cred: Julie Cartwright

One thought on “The Women In My Life #14, Audra Mortenson

  1. I love Audra too!! I haven’t kept in touch with her but she has had a big impact on my life. I agree with you, it’s remarkable what she creates.


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