Hoppy Easter…..

Regardless of your religious affiliation, we can all reflect on the symbolism of Easter, The Crucifixion and The Resurrection.  Years ago I found a powerful thought from one of my favorite authors. 
I use this thought when I am going through a tough time in my life or when I start feeling overwhelmed and out of control with my feelings. I pull out this thought and see how I can apply it to the situation. 
Sometimes I am able to use this wisdom and sometimes I have to set it on the shelf until I can find a small sense of peace within to be able to put this powerful thought into play. 
Either way, I hope you will contemplate the possibilities of using the symbolism of Easter in difficult situations.  Enjoi!!   ….. and Happy Spring!!!


“The symbolism of the three days between the crucifixion and the resurrection is very important.  This is what it means: When you are in the midst of a “crucifixion condition” a situation in which “ego” or fear based thinking seems to be transgressing against and canceling out the consciousness and the consequences of love, if during this situation you refuse to blame, you refuse to attack, you refuse to defend, you refuse to leave the zone of your own love then you are guaranteeing that the crucifixion condition will transform into resurrection.  What is resurrection?  Resurrection is the energy by which the light ultimately ascends, casting out all darkness.  If in the midst of your crucifixion, you go into blame, you go into attack, you go into victim consciousness, you go into anger, what you will do is continue the cycle of violence but if you move into the space of your own love, if you allow yourself to feel the pain but not lash out; if you will allow yourself to feel the pain but continually put it in the hands of God; asking God for a different way of looking at this situation; asking God to show you how you can take responsibility for your part of this.  Asking God to remove the part of you that in some way conspired to bring this situation about and in some way is now conspiring to keep you in pain.  Move into the sacred space, even while on the cross…as it were….move into the sacred space.  Then what will happen for you, this apparent death will turn into life.  This fear based situation will be miraculously transformed by love.  It might be three minutes, it might be three days….and so on but if you choose the power of the light and love the change occurs in an instant!  – Marianne Williamson ….Miracle Thought for the Day”

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