Deb Bilbao Opened up and Shared Her Journey to Find Peace After Her Father’s Suicide.

“All spirituality is about relieving suffering.”  – Buddha  
This months Womens Circle was a wonderful journey to healing the heart. Deb Bilbao shared some of the tools she has used on her journey of healing.  Deb started out showing us a clip from Jim Carrey that was very powerful, check it out here, one of my favorite things he said was “Negative experiences will continue to repeat as long as they remain useful to you,” it was at about 2:41 into the video, the whole thing was wonderful and I highly recommend a view.  
Among the tools Deb has used and continues to use on her journey called life, is music, some of her favorite songs include “I didn’t know my own strength” from Whitney Houston, “Love is behind all of my favorite scars” by Cher and “Heartof a Woman” from Melissa Etheridge (a wonderful line that stood out to me in this song is, “power ends where fear begins.”)
Another tool Deb uses to center herself and find balance is tapping.  Deb gave us a wonderful run down of the different meridians and techniques used in the Emotional Freedom Technique she uses. 
What I loved most about the evening was Debs willingness to open up and share her raw feelings about the struggles she has had over her dad’s suicide and other tough situations she has had to face.  She opened up about the different masks she would put on to hide the fear and pretend she was strong.  She was candid about her weight gain she unconsciously used to protect herself when she shut down her connection with her source as well as the deliberate walking away from relationships as sabotage to her happiness when she would lose her way. 
Debs biggest advice of the night, in my opinion, was to acknowledge what you are experiencing and get honest with yourself.  Then through tapping techniques, tell yourself that even though you are experiencing this, you love and accept yourself.  Acknowledging of fear, doubt, anger or any other emotion opens us to releasing that emotion. 
Deb has been able to change the tough experiences she has in her life and shift them, she told us, “What I’m experiencing now are gifts from the decisions I’ve made.” (I can conclude from this that if I’m not liking the “gifts” I’m experiencing then I better change my decisions.  It’s up to me!!!!)  If you ask me, THAT is the stuff that great leaders are made of and I certainly loved spending the evening with a woman of great strength.   Thank you Deb, for an evening of excellence.

As a sneak peak ….. and a save the date….. our next Women’s Spiritual Circle will be on May 20th at 6:30 PM, the location is to be determined.  I’m so excited about our next guest, Angela Peterson is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach.  I have heard countless compliments about Angela’s presentation about the Chakra Centers and how her work with these energy centers has transformed her life and those that work with her.  You will want to join us and bring a friend.  More details to come.

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