Overcoming Challenges……. Did I really ask for this??

“What I know for sure….. the toughest times in my life are the times I grow the most…. The happiest times in my life are when I choose to see all of life as a wonderful experience pushing me to be my best.”  – Sheri Joi of Redefining Joy  


Lately, I’ve been thinking about “challenges”.  It seems with family, friends and clients there has been a lot of focus on “challenges” or “trials & tribulations” as it was commonly referred to as I was growing up.  I’ve also noticed many posts on FB lately from my virtual friends facing some “challenges”….. and since I  happen to be the most over analyzing person I know, I sat down and started to do some analyzing.  With this analyzing came some writing…..voila, here are a few of my thoughts.

I started the year off with some great intentions…..one that I wrote down for 2015 was:

“My future is a blending of the expected and the unknown.  With resolve I take each step with TENACITY (determination at its finest!) and conviction.  Remembering to remain focused on my original intentions.”……

Hmmm….. “Original Intentions”….. I guess I better know what these are for myself!!!

If you were involved in my January workshops on Goals, Intentions and Actions, this is where we uncovered, discovered and put together a plan to really “SEE” these intentions unfolding in our lives in 2015.

Through a similar process that I teach in this yearly workshop I continue to evolve my intentions each year….. so for me, for 2015….. These are my original intentions: 1) Having fun and spreading happiness in everything I do. 2) Growing and expanding myself through personal development. 3) Expanding all my relationships into happy, healthy, committed and growing relationships. 3) Expanding my financial security for myself and my family. 4) Synergizing with a team that shares my vision in life.

None of these intentions said anything about challenges, frustrations, heartbreaks, feeling knocked down, getting the wind knocked out of my sails or facing the demons in my life.   HOWEVER….. when I sit down and analyze my original intentions I see that by overcoming all these “nasty little challenges” I will expand my FUN (and happiness), my relationships are strengthened, my financial security and my vision to be the change I wish to see in the world also expand the borders they once had.  All of the obstacles that have been put in front of me have been the exact experiences I needed to use the tools I have, to create a better ME.  As one door closes and I step back to observe the experience…..I notice everything from an outside perspective….no judging, just observing.  (This is what I call my “Be Still Time Out….”)  When I do this I can see exactly how this experience could really propel me to my next level…. IF I CHOOSE TO SEE IT THIS WAY!!!!   If I can’t see it…. No need to force it…. I take another “be still time out” another day and remain open and willing for the answers to appear.

Or…. I can roll around in victim consciousness (like 95% of the rest of the world) and say “Why me??  Why is this happening to me???  Just when I thought everything was perfect???  Why me???”  ummmm….. YUCK!!!!  (BTW….. that’s how I lived my life for about 30 years before actually taking responsibility for myself and becoming 100% accountable for what I was creating in my life.  So, I now feel I can very much identify when I find myself rolling around in that muck!   When the “victim” sneaks in…. I must make sure that my actions and behavior are in my honor and integrity (and I need to know what my honor and integrity is!) then I know I am just having another experience to lead me to another evolution of my Spirit.  In seeing life this way, I am accountable for everything I create, if I don’t like it, I get to change it!  Now that’s POWER!

When I do this “step back/be still time out” and I’m open and willing to really take a look at the overall experience, I can find the gratitude in what I’m learning, how I am growing and expanding and just how this experience plays into exactly what I wanted to experience personally for myself.   It always goes back to gratitude!!!  It’s the pixie dust and magic of life!

Many people I’ve worked with over the past few years have said they wanted to be brave, they wanted to have courage, they wanted to have more confidence in themselves.  I challenge you to look at the experiences you are having right now to see if what you are experiencing is EXACTLY what you wanted!!!!  When you can rename and “shift the drip”…. (that is to say shift the way you see things) then life is only filled with  “Opportunities for Growth” which you have unconsciously asked for when you agreed to step up to the challenge of “Daring Greatly” just exactly like Brene Brown so epically wrote about.  In taking this observatory approach you might be able to see what is happening is just the experience you need to take the next step into your BIG LIFE!!!

Remember…. We don’t always have to know “how” it will play out we just have to be clear on what we want and stay focused on THAT.  You have set your course, now hang on for the ride……. And “abra-cadabra”….. life will give you exactly what you need to accomplish just what you want!

I’ve had a few curve balls this year too and I’m excited for all the new adventures and new paths that it has placed in front of me.  Stay tuned to see what will be next to REDEFINE JOY and bring you “Home”!!!!  Cheers!!!  I’d love to hear what “Opportunities for Growth” you have been experiencing…. Feel free to comment below or share with me via email sherijoi1972@gmail.com

As always….. EnJOI the Journey!!!


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