My Future Unfolds with HOPE and JOY

4f4e5-allspiritualityisaboutrelievingsufferingHave you joined the 21 Day Meditation Experience with Oprah and Deepak?  I love every series they gift to our world and this one “Hope in Uncertain Times” is just as lovely….. I wanted to share Day 14 with you to give you a small peek into this magic Deepak and Oprah are sharing with the world.    Want to listen to all 21 days?  Click here….  Read on for a treat for your soul.

Day 14 Deepak and Oprah Hope Meditation


“Hope opens you up to clarity, calm and power no matter what is going on in your life.  Today’s meditation is “Living by the light of Hope”.

Dr Shefali believes the root of the worlds problems of violence and conflict is our loss of connection, especially the connection between a parent and a child.  She says there was some big forgetting that occurred in our history that made us believe we are separate from the oneness that surrounds us.  The awakening, the soul lighting up… happens when we realize we are one with God, with the universe and one with each other.  One of the greatest gifts you can give to your children, to yourself and the world is to grow in the awareness of this connection.  It IS the light of hope.”


“We have learned that hope is a powerful guide from our true self that leads us out of a mindset of struggle, but more than that, when the light of awareness guides your way you are no longer dependent on external beliefs, ideologies or politics to give your life direction and meaning.   Buddha’s last message to his followers was “Be a light unto yourself.”  When you discover your presence of awareness you can no longer be misled or disappointed in the messages and the actions of leaders and authorities.  This light of awareness resides within us already, waiting to be recognized and activated.   As this happens, the light expands and every action, thought and feeling springs from that light.   This is the light of hope.   It might seem that living by the light of hope is too far removed from the cares and demands of  modern life, but the light of awareness is not remote or unworldly.  It is the most intimate and real thing about you.  If you didn’t live in the light already you wouldn’t exist.  It takes awareness to experience anything.   There is spirituality in seeing a tree outside your window, or clouds or mountains or the sea because everything springs from consciousness and can only be known by consciousness.  So if you are individually guided by a light of hope, how does that work?  In a world of conflicting beliefs  and ideologies, can we really be our own light , guidance and authority and still be effective and engaged  in life? Yes!  Enlightenment is spiritual freedom but it is also practical and effective and harmonizing.  The light of awareness is the shared level of all life, where there is no conflict, no divisive beliefs, or need to defend oneself.  When you are a light unto yourself, you may still practice the same religion you grew up with and hold the same political and cultural values you’ve always had but now you are not threatened by any values or beliefs that are different from yours.  You recognize the good that is there and celebrate the differences.  There are as many evolutionary paths as there are people in the world, which means there are 7 billion ways to live in the light.  When you make the shift you live completely in the light then the journey of hope has made found its destination.  

Centering thought…. My future unfolds with HOPE and JOY!”     

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