When is a Good Time to Meditate?

I’m calling this post SPONTANEOUS MEDITATION!  You’re going to LOVE this!!!

This is a guest blog from THE incredible Cami Glauser !!!  I saw this posted on her FB account and asked if I could share it with you.  Along with a daily routine of meditation, this little suggestion is dynamite…. read on to find out all about spontaneous meditation.

“Sometimes I don’t know I’m going to meditate, until it happens. Do I have things I need to do? Sure. Was I about to start working on a project? Yeah. But something stops me instead.

For whatever reason, I find myself reading something that inspires me. Hits home to my heart. Then that’s when I get that feeling. That feeling that says, “Now’s the time to get quiet.” I listen, trust, and agree. So I set a timer. And be.

This is my favorite time to meditate — when my vibes are high and inspiration is flowing… letting the inspiration marinate within me.

Sometimes I remember what I was just reading, most of the time I don’t. What matters is that heightened feeling. I follow that, ride that wave, and receive. Receive what is here for me in this moment. Thoughts come up, thoughts pass through, yet my heightened sensation stays. I move toward that… with that inspiration.

After, I feel alive, inspired, and free.

Meditation looks different for everyone… in every moment. Whatever you do, trust your instincts. Follow the breadcrumbs of your own delight. ” – Cami Glauser

Do you LOVE that???  Mmmmm…. delicious…… ride the wave of inspiration, be!  …and follow the breadcrumbs of your own delight.  Good stuff Cami…. thanks for sharing, thanks for glowing and thanks for showing us how to own our own glow, YO!

cami glauser



Cami Glauser is a sister, daughter, wife, friend, human, spirit, soul, and lover of all that is LIFE. She enjoys traveling, connecting, and gathering wisdom wherever she goes. She currently lives in Louisville, KY where she is a local actress and teaches yoga, meditation, and musical theatre. She is filled with gratitude as to where her life is in this moment. A mantra that’s been dancing in her mind lately is, “Life: make it up as you go.”  




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