Scary Story #1 The Scariest Story We Tell Ourselves

I'm a fraud

As human beings we become very good at hiding those negative things we think about ourselves (some things are so deep and unconscious we don’t even know they are there.)… . the truth is these thoughts sabotage us from the life we were really meant to live with joy and happiness!!

The number one scary story we tell ourselves is “I’m not enough”.  Now this might look different because we are very creative human beings when it comes to inventing scary stories for ourselves.  It might be…. “I’m not smart enough”…. “I’m not pretty enough”…. “I’m not successful enough”….. “I’m not skinny enough”…  “I’m not a good enough mom/dad”…. or the one I hear the very most from my clients…. “I’m a fraud”.  This self defeating script is the scary story that blocks us from being the amazing beings that we truly were meant to be.

The way we “discover” this little sabotage is through some self-discovery interviewing questions.  Little by little we uncover these un-truths that we have unconsciously told ourselves is true.

I hear all the time…. “but if you knew who I really was, you would be shocked!”  Let me tell you a little secret, whether I know you in person or not…. I really do know you!!!

Because in this life, we may have had different experiences but we all experience the same emotions.  We’ve all been happy, sad, angry, scared, frustrated, overwhelmed, disgusted, hurt, depressed, exhilarated and the list goes on.  We’ve all experienced on top of the world happiness as well as dark and grieving great sadness.

So you see, we are all one, we are all the same and we all really know each other.  So next time you uncover that scary story that says…. “I hope they don’t discover I’m a fraud…. That I’m not enough.”  Take a little step back and realize that it’s just a story, a scary story that you’ve told yourself long enough to believe instinctually that is sabotaging you from taking the steps forward onto the path of your true self…. The self that is more than enough, the self that is authentically you, the self that is divine…. So take some time to find out just how amazing you truly are.

Through out this month I’m going to share some “scary stories” and some “scary questions” I faced in my life and how facing those fears were the key to finding a strong, confident and successful women…. That was there all along!!!  I’ll be share some very personal stories with you so I hope you come along for the ride.


For now and for this weekend, here is a little homework (if you choose) and some weekend pondering!!  Cheers!


I would love you to really be conscious of your thoughts this weekend.  When you get upset… what do you say to yourself?  What if you make a mistake?  What does your internal script say?  When you feel you didn’t do your best….. what is the monkey chatter that kicks in on autopilot?  Do your best to be conscious of these thoughts.  The first step is actually just realizing you are doing it!!!!  Then…. You can begin to change your scary story into magic.  When you take the time to discover just how amazing you are and live with this confidence, you unconsciously invite others to find this truth about themselves.!!!


My wish for you is that you really KNOW that YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!!


Echo it out loud and clear with your confidence in yourself!!  Now THAT is being the change!


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