Scary Story # 2 It Could Be Risky…. is it worth the Risk?

riskyThere’s a scary story we tell ourselves which sabotages amazing ideas before they even get started.  In my twenties I remember dating several men in particular that had been in their careers for many years and had what they called “seniority”.  Even though both of them had dreams of doing something different…. One wanted to be a meteorologist and one wanted to start his own company.  The passion that they both expressed as they talked about these dreams was exciting to me and it made me so heartbroken when they would put these dreams in a box and hide them away because they were too scared of the “risk” that would be involved in starting something new.

How sad it is to me that so many wonderful passions are not “birthed” into this world because of the scary story that starts out with… “It’s too risky”.   How many discoveries have not been made because “it would be too risky”?  How many lives are not changed because “it would be too risky”?

A beautiful example of turning this story around is my sister Audra.  Years ago she had gone to school for accounting and was now working in an accounting firm.  She was amazing at accounting and the firm loved the work she was doing.  She also brought an amazing little zing to the office that isn’t usually found in an accounting firm so they loved her even more for her “style”.  Although she was on the road to an amazing career she found that the accounting world did not hold the excitement and zest for life she craved…. So one day she quit her job, sold all of her belongings, got on the internet to find a place to live and within a couple weeks had moved herself to Hawaii.  Now my family is kind of old fashioned and this whirlwind sort of stunned us all and it was so quick.  She had made all the arrangements to have a source of transportation, a place to live and jumped onto the ship of faith to know that she would find a way to take care of herself when she arrived in this exciting and zestful adventure.  She lived in Hawaii for several years and taught me that it was definitely worth taking risks to find the excitement and zest for life that I also crave in my life.

Sometimes it takes a little time to see that dream take shape and you can do it at whatever speed you want to do it in but isn’t it about time to change that scary story in your life?  Isn’t it time to take a risk and see what dreams may come???  Take one small step today to do something risky in the direction of one of your dreams.  There are so many reasons in my life I took a risk, they have made all the difference.
(and PS…. thank you to my sister Audra for teach me and my entire family to take a risk and create the life of your dreams…. she opened my eyes to what dreams may come!  Love you sis!)

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