Welcome to November….. Harvest time….. What does that mean???

november harvestHey Everybody!!!

Whew!!  What a month October was.  First and foremost, thank you to everyone that watched or came out to our watch party see Trent’s episode of Naked and Afraid.  The watch party was HUGE and fantastic. We especially loved having our special guest, Kimberly Kelly from Moab–who was featured the week before on Naked and Afraid!  Thanks for joining us Kim and family!

To check out fun photo’s from the party and some of the exciting events that followed his episode you can visit Trent Nielsen Adventure Page on Facebook.   Also, if you missed the blog I wrote titled, Scary Question #3 “What did you think about Trent going on Naked and Afraid, knowing that his partner would be another woman and they would both be naked?”  it’s a must read!!

Wow!  I can hardly believe it is November already.  The trees are magnificent, the air has a crisp little bite and the mountains (if you’re in Utah) are glorious.  This is such a wonderful time of year for harvest.  It’s also the perfect time to harvest all the experiences from our past year and give gratitude for the accomplishments we have made.  This is a perfect time to reflect on the good, better and different aspects of our past year.  What I mean is take some time to do a personal overview of what we feel we did really good this year,  what things we can do better next year and what we might want to do differently….  in other words the “I’ll never do that again” adventures we ALL have in our life.  Discovering these events and going through this fun little practice of “harvest” can be a perfect way to uncover what seeds you have planted through out this past year and what you want to continue to nurture and grow next year.  There are a few ground rules (that I often have to remind myself of)…. No judging, no beating yourself up….. just a fun little discovery of the growth you have experienced, the gift found in EVERY situation (if you are open and willing to look for it) and an acceptance that all things work together to make a better YOU!

Throughout November I will be sharing Gratitude Challenges on my Facebook page Redefining Joy.  I will also be sharing how my 15 years of mortgage experience can help you and your friends achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership on my Mortgage page.  I would love you to go “LIKE” both my pages so we can keep in touch throughout the month.  I am loving the work I’m doing and being able to share that with you.   I would love for you to echo it out even further in your world by sharing my posts, blogs or simply telling others about your experience in working with me.  What we can not do alone, we can do together!

Happy Harvesting….. please keep in touch, I love to hear what you are up to and the discoveries you find along the way.  When you feel inspired to send me some of you a-ha moments, please share….. these are some of my favorite emails to receive.

Cheers to the upcoming holiday season!


Sheri Joi

Mortgage Professional and Cheerleader for the Soul


Watch for new Mortgage Blogs on Tuesdays and my Redefining Joy posts for tips and tricks in transforming your life on Saturdays.

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